2019 AAU Season

DiverseCity Sports Academy has partnered with Wisconsin Playground Elite.  Playground is a premier Nike sponsored team out of Milwaukee, WI.  

Why do this?

DiverseCity will always do what is best for the student athletes.  This is too good of an opportunity to pass up.  Playing for this Nike sponsored team and playing in the EYBL circuit provides our student athletes a much higher chance of getting a college scholarship to play basketball.  This is the goal for most of our student athletes, so why would DiverseCity not do everything possible to help them achieve this goal.  By joining forces, we combine two great teams and become one of the best teams in the nation. 

Who will play for Wisconsin Playground Elite?

To start with 4-6 of our student athletes will be joining Wisconsin Playground's 17U and 15U teams this season. 

A few recent Wisconsin Playground student athletes are Tyler Herro (Freshman @ Kentucky ) and Jordan Poole (Sophomore @ Michigan).



  1. Shawn Mervis 16U
    Shawn Mervis 16U
  2. Dashawn Wells 14U
    Dashawn Wells 14U
  3. Josh Mervis 14U
    Josh Mervis 14U
  4. Marquis Todd 14U
    Marquis Todd 14U
  5. Zack Shroeder 14U
    Zack Shroeder 14U
  6. Cole Daily 16U
    Cole Daily 16U
  7. Carlos Beck 14U
    Carlos Beck 14U
  8. Wes Hunt 14U
    Wes Hunt 14U
  9. Beau Durbin 14U
    Beau Durbin 14U
  10. Jonathan Bolden 14U
    Jonathan Bolden 14U
  11. Luke DeFrance 14U
    Luke DeFrance 14U
  12. Michael Womer 14U
    Michael Womer 14U

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14U Champions
Chicago Spring Showdown
4/14 - 4/15/2018

14U Champions
Slam Shootout



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14U Team Highlights

16U Team Highlights

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